ArtWaters Droppers

ArtWaters Droppers - ArtWaters - 1
ArtWaters Color Droppers:
Unique, nontoxic, water based, water soluble colors are available that are prepared to produce an organic effect when used with the white medium. They are fade resistant and show excellent longevity. Colors can be mixed prior to application to produce an infinite spectrum of hues. All colors come in 1/10 oz easy to use dropper bottles.
ArtWaters Expander:
Nontoxic, water based, water soluble liquid that clearly extends the colors outward to enhance the ArtWaters effect or to allow mixing of adjacent colors. Adding multiple drops of color onto expander creates new possibilities.
Order Includes:
ArtWaters Expander - two1/10 oz Dropper Bottles.
ArtWaters Color in 1/10 oz Dropper Bottles.
Full Set includes 10 ArtWaters Colors:
Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Brown, Black, and White.